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Building Inspection Services

Sunshine Coast Building Inspections

Are you buying a home or property on the Sunshine Coast? It's imperative that you get a thorough building inspection with a licenced and trained professional. 

A visual building inspection report will provide a description of the property and report on any structural damage and any conditions which if not addressed that may cause structural damage in the future. The inspector will also comment on general defects to the secondary and finishing elements of the property.

Our qualified inspectors use professional tools which include a Thermal Imaging Camera - It can see if there's any leakage in the HVAC system, moisture accumulation in the walls (which can result in mould) and it can also detect support beams, pipes, cables, etc.

The inspector may also recommend you seek further advice from the appropriate trade professional regarding defects which are outside of the inspector’s area of expertise and these should be followed up prior to the contract becoming binding.

The building inspection will cover:

*all areas subject to accessibility and workplace health and safety.

Please note a building inspection report is not a maintenance report, you may need to pay extra for maintenance report.

The report will contain photographic evidence of significant defects. View images from past inspections or find out about common building defects found in reports.

Buying new or used property on the Sunishine Coast? Do you need property inspection report? Come to us and get your property inspection before your purchase and save yourself the nightmare of buying a house of horrors. View our building inspection cost - bundle with a pest inspection to save!

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