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Most Common Building Defects Found During Inspections

Common Building Defects

When our experienced building inspectors look over a property there are many issues they're searching for so you don’t find yourself buying a home that needs unexpected repair work.

We search for building defects, drainage issues and damage to the property or foundations and while we’ve seen a lot over the year, there are a few common issues that tend to pop up in our building reports.

Most Common Building Defects:

Drainage – poor drainage on and around a home can cause multiple other problems, from water damage and leaks to the exterior of the house, to cracked slabs due to soil erosion.

Structual building damageStructural defects – often found in older homes, structural defects can come about as a result of general wear and tear, leaks, pests or lack of maintenance. These defects can include damaged rafters in the roof, floor joists or foundation walls and can be quite expensive to repair.

Roof damage – roofs can last a long time but they will all begin to degrade eventually, especially in the harsh Australian climate. Roof damage can come about from wear and tear or even the storms that come with Queensland summers. Often homeowners will not know about damage in their roof until it is bad enough to cause leaks and other problems.

Façade leaks – exterior façade and window leaks can be a big problem as they allow moisture and pests into the home to cause further damage. With more and more creative designs and modular building materials in new homes, façade leaks have become a common defect.

Wooden floors – often found in old Queenslander homes, wooden floors can be a source of unwanted gaps, leaks and warping. Wooden floors installed when damp, or exposed to façade leaks can warp, creating an uneven floor and gaps large enough to drop coins through.

Termite activity in walls

Ventilation – improper ventilation in a home can lead to a range of further problems including wood rot and toxic mould, as well as costing you more on your air conditioning bill.

Pests – while a building inspection will tell you about the state a home is currently in, it’s also a good idea to have a pest inspection carried out at the same time. A pest inspection will check for the presence of pests, termites and termite damage, as well as conditions that may attract infestations in the future.

Buying a new home is a big decision, and it’s important to know as much as you can about the purchase before signing a contract.

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