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Where Do Pests Hide In Your Home?

From termites to rodents, cockroaches and people sleeping on the couch, there are many unwanted guests we can find in our homes if we aren’t careful.

Unwanted pests can be very sneaky in the places they find to nest and hide within the home, but there are some places they tend to favour.

At Wildman, we come across all kinds of pest activity while performing local pest inspections. We’ve put together a list of the most common places where you’ll find pests within your home.Mouse / pest infestation in the home

Dark, humid areas

Termites like to feed and even nest in dark, humid or moist areas of your home. While water leaks from the bathroom, toilet or kitchen may attract them to those areas, they also quite like the area under your house or in the roof cavity.

The walls

Termites can move into the walls once they’ve set a foothold in your home, but the walls are also a favourite spot for mice and rats. They will gnaw small holes into walls or the backs of cupboards so they can remain hidden by day, coming out for food at night. If you start seeing mouse droppings on the floor (small, black droppings about 1-2mm) you may find one or two small holes around the house. Sometimes you can even hear them scratching around in the walls.

Kitchen, bathroom & laundry

Cockroaches like warmth and humidity so they will usually be found in your kitchen, the bathroom and your laundry. They’ll often scuttle off to hide under the fridge or dishwasher, or within cabinets under the sink.


Ants are incredibly versatile pests and are willing to make their nest just about anywhere they can get to. If they can fit through a crack in the wall you could wake up to find a dirt mound on the edge of your lounge room, bathroom, or window sills. They’ll try making nests between the wall and air-conditioning units, in cupboards and even appliances. Generally, you want to start by looking at all joining areas where the floor meets the wall, but ants can be found anywhere and everywhere if your home isn’t properly protected against pests.

While our inspectors can’t offer too much advice on the mate that’s been sleeping on your couch for the past three weeks, they can check your home for pest activity, signs of damage, and features that may attract pest infestations in the future.

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