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Pest & Termite Inspection Services

Pest & Termite Inspections Sunshine Coast

Wildman Building and Pest Inspections will provide a comprehensive visual pest and timber termite inspection of all accessible areas of the property in question for the presence of termites and other harmful pests.

Your report will detail his findings, including any conditions that may be conducive to termite attacks, as well as potential risks and if needed recommendations for a termite control program. 

The inspector will provide you with information regarding past or present termite infestations, conditions conducive to termite attack, such as excessive moisture, earth to wood contact at support posts, improper drainage or inadequate ventilation in the crawlspace. Correcting these conditions will significantly reduce the likelihood of a termite infestation. 

A visual Timber pest inspection is carried out with the tools recognised by the Australian Standards, namely a moisture meter and an acoustic tapper. For peace of mind you can include the use of a thermal imaging camera which is an additional tool that can assist the inspector to detect larger termite infestations within a wall cavity. Another tool our inspectors use is called a moisture meter. It detects moisture in places that it shouldn't be. Moisture in walls is a great place for pests to live.

Examples of Pest Damage

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Sunshine Coast pest inspection termite invading Sunshine Coast home Sunshine Coast basement pest inspection Schedo activity under stump Sunshine Coast pests destroying wood

Get your termite inspection before you purchase and save yourself from buying a house of horrors. View our pest inspection cost - bundle with a building inspection to save!

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