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The Importance of Weep Holes

When living in a brick veneer home, some of the things that you will notice on the property upon inspection are the gaps between several bricks on the external wall. These are called "weep holes". And contrary to your initial thought about them, they actually play some significant roles in the property’s wellness. Before you decide to have them blocked by sealants or cement, you must understand first the importance of weep holes to a brick veneer home.

1. Weep holes provide drainage of water.

Homes that located in particularly rainy areas are often subjected to water coming in through internal and external walls, wall cracks and existing damage. When there are no openings that will allow the water to flow out of the wall structure, the water will be absorbed by the bricks, which weakens them over time. Weep holes serve as a drainage point for water that can get inside a property's wall structure. These gaps between the bricks will send out the water and prevent it from being stored inside.

2. They provide wall cavities with some air ventilation.

Even if water is able to flow out of the wall cavity, it does not prevent the structure from getting wet. When there is not enough air to dry the internal structure, it causes fungal growth, dampness, mildew and rotting. Another important feature of weep holes is that they provide adequate ventilation to keep the wall dry and prevent any possible damage caused by water.

3. Weep holes give your brick veneer home a longer life

As an effect of the first two important factors mentioned above, weep holes are also beneficial to your home’s strength and durability in the long run. By keeping the wall structure dry, it helps to prevent internal damage that will make your home weak. Weep holes will help you make your home last longer.

Drawbacks of weep holes

Weep holes are important indeed for properties made of brick veneer. However, having them also has certain drawbacks. Leaving them open provides entry to insects like cockroaches, wasps, bees, and spiders. Sometimes, even mice and snakes can enter the wall structure. Weep holes can also be an access to fire if there is one close by.

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